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Kiosks & Carts is a retail shopping mall cart and kiosk manufacturer for over 30 years. We have been custom designing and manufacturing top quality luxury kiosks and carts all over Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean. We are specialized in building custom modular aluminum kiosks and carts for each of our client’s specific needs.

We have many experienced and qualified trade personnel all representing our rapidly growing company. Our highly skilled labor force represents mill-workers and engineers. Our custom retail Carts and Kiosks are made with premium commercial grade materials and our designs are simply the best in the industry. Our patent aluminum high grade extrusion system gives our custom kiosks and carts the strength and durability you can expect out of your mall shopping centre cart or kiosks.

Here at Kiosk & Carts we believe that in the current economy you need the best tools to stand out from your competition. Creating that edge takes a good plan, the right mindset and a unique look to attract the customer. With a custom designed and build kiosk, or cart, you most certainly stand out between the mass-produced models. Here at Kiosks & Carts we specialize in creating custom build kiosks and carts without the financial stress normally associated with customized hardware. Let us Beat Your Budget to create that unique look that will propel you forward. No matter the product, perfume, candy, coffee, cell phones, sunglasses, etc., or the type of business you are in like, holidays, cosmetics, dental, financial, retail. if you have the idea, we can convert it into a customized Kiosk or Cart. We source, build, sell and deliver in North-America so no matter if you are in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver or Atlanta, Kiosk & Carts can facilitate your business. Customization is not an option, it’s a must.








"New Retail Merchandising Unit Designs"

KiosksCarts.com will be offering a new line of economy merchandising units available for purchase in Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Our new designs are great to be used in the following industries, Jewelry, Cell Phone, Makeup - Cosmetics, Hats, Watches, Electronics, Nails, Magazines, Newspapers, Lottery, Sunglasses, Novelty Gifts, General Information, Foods, Drinks, Cards and Specialy Gifts.
For more information please contact us.
Director of Marketing
Brett Saint Clair.

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